Research subject

  • Tokai University research: Nanomaterial wrap for improved tissue imagingResearchers at Tokai University describe in Advanced Materials how wrapping biological tissue in a nanosheet of a particular organic material results in high-quality microscopy images. Application of the wrap prevents the sample from drying out, and hence from shrinking, enabling larger image-recording times.More…(Link to PRweb)


  • Tokai University research: Ice dielectric response studies find preparation is keyResearchers explain a decades-old conundrum over the dielectric response of ice by using different freezing techniques. The findings are published in ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry, April 2016. More…(Link to PRweb)


  • Tokai University, Japan launches interdisciplinary Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) for research based on polymer nanosheetsTokai University, Japan launches Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC), the university’s leading multi-million dollar global hub for international interdisciplinary research based on the synthesis, functionalization and biomedical applications of polymer ultra-thin films (often called nanosheets). More…(Link to PRweb)